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Peter Szilvay is one of the most sought after Norwegian conductors and is often seen both on the operastage and in front of orchestras. His career developed quickly after his acclaimed final diploma exam with the Norwegian radio orchestra. Peter Szilvay has also composed several pieces and worked in the early years as a professional violaplayer. After his exam he worked as assistant conductor in the Stavanger Symphony orchestra and served Mariss Jansons as PA for three years. In 1999 he won the competition «Conductor of the year» in Oslo.

Szilvay has conducted orchestras and opera abroad and in Norway. He has conducted the St. Petersburg philharmonic orchestra in Russia, the Gothenburg,Umeå and Malmø symphony orchestra in Sweden, the radio orchestra in Paris, the Royal Danish orchestra and at the opera in Würzburg, Germany.

In Norway he has conducted the Oslo Philharmonic orchestra, the Bergen Philharmonic orchestra, The Norwegian Chamber orchestra, Stavanger symphony orchestra, Trondheim symphony orchestra, Kristiansand symphony orchestra, The Norwegian Opera and ballet, Arctic Philharmonic orchestra, The Norwegian radio and all the military wind-bands. The sinfoniettas of Oslo, Trondheim, BIT20 Bergen, Arctic sinfonietta and Bodø sinfonietta is also on his agenda. In 2011 he won the Norwegian composers artist price for his energic work with norwegian music, and composers.

His repertoir stretches From Beethoven to the late romantics, his favourites among many are Mahler and Bruckner. The Italian and German operastage, from Mozart to Verdi and Puccini but also the contemporary stage works.

He has been an enthusiastic ambassador for both contemporary composers and works and he has first-performed over 160 pieces.

But for an aquavit I will sign on gladly...
Carlos Kleiber, 1981
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